Shandong Jingjin Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,ltd is awarded“China chemical top 500 enterprise”


  In the year 2011, China chemical top 500 strong enterprises conference and summit forum was held on September 23rd to 24th in zhang Jiagang city with themes of becoming stronger, optimal and permanent. The meeting announced the China chemical top 500 strong enterprises list and the most fast growing enterprises list of China chemical industry. It also first issued a ranking list of the top 100 traded companies in Chinese chemical industry and the most potential list of listed companies, which became a new spotlight of this brand activity.

  The chairman of China's chemical enterprise management association Wang Yin Hai summarized the distinct characteristics of China chemical top 500 strong enterprises of the year 2011, and the issue and evaluation system changes of the ranking list of China chemical top 500 strong enterprises since the "eleventh fiveyear plan", from which we can see the fast develop track of the large chemical corporations.

  Firstly, the finalist threshold for chemical industry's top 500 list rises continually, which reflects the improvement of enterprises’ scale, strength and development potential. In the year 2006, the income of the last top 500 strong chemical business is 390 million yuan, which rapidly increased to 900 million yuan in the year 2010. The annual average ascension of finalist threshold is 100 million yuan, which is a strong rising. In the year 2011, the income of the first top 500 strong chemical business is 41.089 billion yuan, which increased 34.5% compared to the first one in the Year 2010. In addition, the business performances of the top 500 chemical companies become more prominent. In the Year 2010, the total operation income of the top 500 chemical industries was 2.174917 trillion yuan, increase 1.234229 trillion yuan compared to the Year 2006. It has shared 24.71% of the total revenues of the chemical entire industry. Large-scale enterprises played more and more important role in economic and industrial structure adjustment.

  Secondly, chemical industrial concentration has improved greatly. The total revenue proportion of the first 100 in the top 500 strong enterprises has increased year by year. In the list of the Year 2010, the business income of the top 100 enterprises occupies 57.58% of the total operating income of the top 500 strong enterprises; The business incomes of the top 50 enterprise are all over ten billion yuan.

  Thirdly, the regional development gaps of chemical industry are narrowed. The eastern region developed stable, and the growth momentum of western region is fierce. The technological progress and the market development of eastern coastal area occupy the dominant position continually, lead the county in many industries. The original western regions that the chemical industry developed more weak had great progress. For example, the business income of xinjiang shortlisted top 500 enterprise, the proportion is rising year by year and has reached 1.23% by the year 2010.

  The congress also issued the "Year 2011 China chemical enterprise development report". The report shows the comprehensive strength of our large chemical enterprises on the basis of detailed data, reflect the rising competitive strength of the large-scale enterprises, provides important reference basis for the development of chemical industry.

  This congress is coorganized by the China chemical enterprise management association and China’s chemical intelligence information association, and cooperates with Suzhou Hailu heavy industry Co., LTD.

  500 Chinese chemical industry top 2011 ranking, Environmental Protection Co. Jingjin, Ltd. ranking 246