Company Introduction



  1Jingjin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is located in Dezhou of Shandong province, a national garden city, which boasts “prominent transportation, the gate to Beijing”. The company is a complex environmental protection service provider of filter outfit production, filter technology overall plan solution and environment protection project contraction and operation. It is also the vice-president unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association and the primary drafter of national standards for pressure filters and filter plates. The pressure filter’s production capacity and sales volume remain the largest worldwide for twelve consecutive years, and sells to 123 countries and regions. Jingjin trademark has been recognized as a ‘Famous Chinese Trademark’ by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China, and is also protected by Madrid International Trademark Registration. Water Jiang, chairman of Jingjin was awarded National Labor Medal and National Model Worker, subsidized with special allowance of the State Council and received by President Xi Jinping. In July, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang fully recognized and highly praised Jingjin for its environmental protection philosophy and practice of “Turning sewage into pure water and sludge into resource” while inspecting Jingjin.

  Jingjin is devoted to the development of energy conservation and environment protection career, providing consumers by cost-effective products and professional quality service. The filter outfit which Jingjin has independently developed includes: pressure filter, vibrating centrifuge, blender, conveyor, automatic reagent feeder, double drive thickener, mud scraper, and cake breaker, etc. These products are extensively applied in the solid-liquid separation industries including environment protection, chemical engineering, food, pharmacy, metallurgy, coal dressing and tailings, etc. The latest developed Solar Sludge Drying System is able to reduce the water content of sludge down to 20 percent, making the best use of resources with the lowest energy consumption in the environment-friendly and low-carbon manner.

  Jingjin always regards technical innovation as its soul. Jingjin has a strong technical R&D force, owning technology center and solid-liquid separation laboratories, and academician and post-doctoral research stations, which have successively undertaken National New Products Program Plan, National Torch Plan and scientific research projects including water pollution control and major projects managing. So far Jingjin has obtained 165 effective patents, among which 9 are international ones, and released 182 new products in recent three years. Jingjin also has great performance in its worldwide technology breakthrough of municipal sludge disposal and industrial sludge recycling, which realized reduction, safety disposal and resource utilization of sludge.

  Jingjin owns advanced production equipment and manufacturing process, with outfits of large-scale injection molding machines, CNC machining center and high-end sealing working-machines, etc. In order to achieve better filtering requirements, Jingjin introduced a complete set of German filter cloth production line. By virtue of Jingjin’s 27 years of filtering experience, the heavy German rapier looms weave the thinnest silk threads into filter cloth of high density and different hole patterns under constant temperature and humidity, with error less than 1% in air perm per square meter. What’s the most important is that monofilament filter cloth can make the filter cakes fall off automatically, which has conquered the unsolved problem ever since. So to speak, Jingjin has achieved a great dream in global pressure filter industry.

  Jingjin owns a wholesome sales and service network, with 17 sales and after-sales areas across the country, guaranteeing arriving-at-the-scene within 12 hours and 52 professional agent service providers overseas, meeting the technology and service need of consumers from different areas and industries. A brand is elected not by an organization, but rather, is chosen by consumers using their own money. Over more than 20 years’ service-providing for tens of thousands of consumers, Jingjin has accumulated rich filter experience, enabling itself to provide total solutions and turn-key services. With the purpose of “Jingjin considers everything for you”, Jingjin strives to create maximum value for consumers, win good reputation, and become a top filter brand in pressure filter industry in the world.

  Jingjin attaches great importance to enterprise culture construction. Through long-term accumulation, Jingjin has developed its core enterprise culture of “Elaboration, Integrity, Innovation and Responsibility”, and established “Home of Love Foundation” to help the families of Jingjin employees who have difficulties or disabled children.

  While practicing its China dream, Jingjin is trying its best to become the most influential complex service provider in environmental protection area worldwide, with its mission of “Protecting Environment and Beautifying China” and its green strategy of “Turning sewage into pure water and sludge into resource”, providing a profound answer for eco-environment protection and economic development, leaving clean water and blue sky to our descendants.

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  Jingjin will always be your best friend!