Our Service


  Jingjin will supply operation manual of filter press and filtration elements which introduced the specifications and Warnings.

  Jingjin Also Can optimize the technical data of filtration and constitute operation regulations for customers accordingly.

  JIngjin can supply the filtration flow chart according to different material and demands.

  Jingjin can offer the filtration testing free of charge.

  1)Find out the most suitable technial data(time,pressure,cake thickness,capacity of washing water).

  2)Solid content,dealing capacity, penetrabiltiy,cake resistance

  3)avalibility of cake washing

  4)flocculation testing fo suspending liquid.

  5)selection fo filtration cloth.

  Jingjin offer training free of charge

  1)safety precautions

  2)installation and commissioning

  3)operation of filtration plate

  4)methods for treating with abnormal conditions