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Jingjin equipment was founded in 1988

Jingjin Equipment Co., Ltd., stock code 603279, founded in 1988, is a professional complete set of filtration equipment manufacturer, a single champion demonstration enterprise in China's manufacturing industry, and the main drafter of the national standard of filter press. For 20 consecutive years, the production and sales volume of filter press in the world has ranked first, and the products are exported to all parts of the world. Jingjin has a number of international invention patents, two of which have won gold and silver awards in the International Invention Exhibition. Premier Li Keqiang visited Jingjin and fully affirmed Jingjin's practice of "taking sewage as clear spring and turning sludge into resources".

"Delicacy, innovation, integrity and responsibility" is Jingjin's corporate spirit, real-time innovation and creating greater value for customers. It is the working principle of every employee in Jingjin. Jingjin serves tens of thousands of users around the world, has accumulated rich technology and experience, and can provide users with overall solutions and "turnkey" services.

Jingjin R & D center undertakes scientific research projects such as national key new product plan, national torch plan, national major scientific and technological projects for water pollution control and treatment, national key R & D plan, etc. Jingjin has obtained a number of international PCT and domestic authorized patents, and has introduced more than 750 new technologies in the past three years.

The complete set of filtration equipment independently developed by Jingjin includes: various models of filter press, feed plunger pump, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, mixer, thickener, belt thickener, vehicle mounted skid mounted mobile sludge non landing complete set, lime silo, automatic dosing machine, flotation machine, u-mixer, screw thickener, screw dehydrator, filter cake crusher, high-efficiency fine particle classification screen, TPS sorter Complete sets of equipment such as clarifier, waste sorting vibrating screen, cage screen, leaf filter and pressure vessel are widely used in environmental protection, mining, chemical industry, new energy, new materials, food, biomedicine and other fields.

Jingjin has advanced equipment and technology. It has built an intelligent mold workshop, intelligent processing center, program-controlled injection molding machine, high-end seal processing equipment, Japanese high-precision punching and shearing equipment, sheet metal equipment, etc. It introduces a complete set of production lines from raw material wire drawing to filter cloth forming in Germany. Combined with Jingjin's more than 30 years of filtration experience, under the constant temperature and humidity weaving environment, the German heavy rapier loom weaves the finest silk thread into filter cloth with the highest density and different hole shapes.

The brand is not selected by any organization, but by consumers. Any enterprise can not continuously meet the needs of users, or the price is too high, and will be eliminated by the market sooner or later!

Jingjin equipment, equipment new world! Thank you for the new era, thank the world, and say "thank you" to everyone! "Thank you" has become Jingjin's reputation!

Thank you very much!

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